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Taralan, an independent crop consulting firm since 1972, developed the Taralan MultiFactor System™, the most precise fertility recommendation program on the market today. This complex, computer-based system contemplates the multitude of soil, climate, crop and cultural factors that influence crop yields, quality and profits. These factors can vary widely, often within the same field, creating significant challenges to efficient management and production. This unique system employs scientific research from numerous universities and other sources to quantify and define the inter-relationships of these variables. The end result is an integrated plan of action tailored to the goals and resources of individual producers.

The Taralan MultiFactor System™ calculates the potential yield of a field, as well as precise inputs and practices to achieve specific yield goals on a site-specific basis. While opinions on the methods and merits of site-specific farming practices still vary widely, the system has proven highly effective across a broad spectrum of soils, climates, and crops for over thirty years.

The Taralan MultiFactor System™ was developed by the late Dr. John Strauss, who was widely recognized as a leader in crop production technology throughout his career.

Dr. Strauss demonstrated that farmers were achieving yields and quality far below the potential of their soils and climates. And further, that this unmet yield and quality potential could be realized through more precise management of inputs and practices while reducing the environmental risk associated with the improper use of inputs and practices.

In 1972 Dr. Strauss and Jim Malanaphy formed Taralan Corporation to make this potent technology available to farmers across North America. Taralan has continually refined the MultiFactor System to contemplate relevant developments in production technology.

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Leonard Hoen Jr
Cologne, MN

Corn, Soybeans, and Alfalfa.

"The MultiFactor System has helped me increase yields on Corn, Soybeans and Alfalfa. I’ve reduced my Alfalfa acres but produce more overall tonnage. Closely managing manure and fertilizer has helped me reduce cost but get results.

The recommendations are easy to follow and provide excellent fertility management. I would recommend the Multi-factor System to other farmers."

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Clifton & Lori Feltis
South East Minnesota

Corn and Soybeans

"The biggest benefit we can see to using the MultiFactor System is in plant health. With the extreme weather years we have been having lately our crops seem to tolerate the weather better than they used to (cold, hot, wet or dry).

We feel by using Taralan’s MultiFactor System the crops handle the stress longer!"

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