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  What is CropRx? 

CropRx is an online system for farmers, ag professionals, and agri-businesses to develop fertility recommendations, plan manure applications and track and monitor various aspects of the crop cycle.  

Specifically, CropRx offers crop producers on-line access to the Taralan MultiFactor System™ for making site-specific crop fertility recommendations. The time proven science inside the CropRx system has enabled hundreds of farmers to achieve higher, more consistent crop yields, with higher test weight, feed value, and palatability. In conjunction with more efficient use of resources, they enjoy a lower cost per bushel/ton, agronomically sound recommendations, and greater peace of mind. 

Even if you're not an agronomist, CropRx gives you the power to control your crop system planning decisions and data. You have the flexibility to set crops and yield goals, determine the size of management zones, plan manure applications, and run various cropping scenarios.

Better input planning can also help improve your purchasing effectiveness. We sell no products and there are no proprietary products to buy. All recommended products are generally available from local ag-suppliers.

A CropRx professional will assist you in setting up your account, guide you in the data collection and entry steps, and help you interpret your recommendations via our toll free telephone support line. During the course of the crop year we will be there to work with you on changes to your plans and to answer any questions you may have.

The CropRx service, with its low annual subscription fee, is very easy to use and secure. The system and your data are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with internet access. There is no special software or hardware required.

Your crop data is securely stored in the CropRx servers and is not shared with any third parties.*

*See Privacy Policy

Major Components

  • Client, farm, and field information management
  • Soil test tracking, analysis, and management
  • Crop plans and planting information
  • Fertility recommendations
  • Fertilizer application planning
  • Crop history reporting
  • Manure management programs
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Gary and Cole Pestorious, Sunset Farms
Albert Lea, MN

Crops grown: Corn, Soybeans and Peas
Using the Multifactor System since: 2001

"I am impressed with how Taralan has tailored an online program to fit my needs. This has taken a large amount of time on their part and several years working with the program from us to simplify the on line MultiFactor System fertility recommendations.

The MultiFactor System tells us the economic potential of each field, helping us set the right yield goals for our soils. It has taken our low yielding areas and brought them up to the production levels of the higher yielding areas. It even helped us win the 2001 Corn Growers competition.

Our yields are more consistent across the field and from year to year. It has become easier to plan inputs and storage with the consistency of the yields. The actual yields are very close to the yield goals for each field, this really helps with storage planning. I have noticed heavy test weights, even in dry years. Corn is up around 58 lbs/bu consistently.

I highly recommend the MultiFactor System fertility recommendations to people who want to increase their yields, test weight and profit. It is also a great tool for finding the yield level for your soils and also for planning your inputs with your local dealer.

Taralan has been in business for over thirty years, they provide good advice in helping you determine your yield goals and plans. I enjoy listening to their opinion."

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