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Do you still have questions?

Do you think there may be a fit here?

Would you like to go forward but feel you do not have the proper information to do so?

Would you like to evaluate your existing program to see if this would be of benefit to you?

We realize that it is tough to get enough information from a web site to make any financial decisions.

If anything you have read here sounds like it may be of benefit to your existing crop management program, please give us a call and talk to one of our representatives. We can answer any questions you may have and discuss our program and rates further.

Please give us a call at
1-888-4 CropRx

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Pat Smith
South Central Minnesota

Farm 1400 acres of corn and soybeans

"Since starting with Taralan in 2000, my corn and soybean yield averages are up 10-15%. What I have seen so far is that the quality of my crops has improved. Test weights are averaging 1-1.5 points better and the corn seems to be maturing faster because I am able to harvest earlier.

The MultiFactor System has helped me achieve better distribution of inputs (fertilizer) and put a greater emphasis on liming. These both have helped increase profits."

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