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  Taralan Consulting Services 

Taralan Corporation offers on-site consulting services to producers, farm managers and input suppliers, ranging from basic data collection and interpretation to comprehensive production system assessment, design, and implementation support.

These services are tailored to the goals, resources, and preferences of individual producers to ensure cost effectiveness and satisfaction.

They include but are not limited to:

  • Soil sampling/analysis/interpretation
  • Field mapping
  • Site-specific input and practice recommendations
  • Field monitoring and pest/practice management recommendations
  • Yield/loss estimation
  • Comprehensive crop production system assessment, design & implementation

Taralan has representatives in Central and Southern Minnesota, and Northern Iowa.
If you are looking for assistance with any of these services please contact Taralan directly at:


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Kevin Miller
Monticello, IA

Crops Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa
Average yield increases: Corn 28%, Soybeans 19.6%, Alfalfa 26.3%

"Taralan helps me be thorough on all aspects of crop production. My yields are better due to good weather, good hybrids and Taralan providing excellent fertility and management recommendations. Taralan makes quicker observations than I would make and they give me unbiased opinions.

By reducing mistakes my yields are higher and more consistent across the farm. I would recommend The Taralan program to others."

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