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  CropRx Program 

The CropRx Fertility Management Program is designed to give growers the tools they need to more efficiently manage their crop inputs, increase yields and quality, and reduce production costs. As a CropRx client, you will be able to create comprehensive crop management plans through our web based management module. There is no software to load on your computer.

Our team of consultants will assist you with development, evaluation and interpretation of your crop plans and reports. During the course of the year we will be there to work with you on changes to your plans or answer any questions you may have with regards to your nutrient plans.

The program is simple and easy to use and and utilizes the following information when making recommendations

  1. Basic farm information
  2. Basic information about each field
  3. Soil test information for each field
  4. Last years crop information such as crop type, actual yield, and fertilizer and manure applications
  5. This years crop plan

At this point you are ready to develop your management plans. You can make changes to your crops, yield goals, and other factors to further refine your results into a cost effective plan. When you have finalized your plans you can generate a variety of management reports. Individual reports can be customized to your practices.

In subsequent years it’s as easy as reviewing the past years information, creating next years crop plan, and calculating your results. 

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Roger, Brad & Tim Stier
Belle Plaine, MN

Corn & Soybeans.

"Using Taralan’s Multifactor System for fertility recommendations has helped us manage our fertility ourselves. Our fertility is now more even across the farm and across each field.

Our yields are higher and more consistent across the farm.The MultiFactor System recommendations are easy to follow and easy to manage. We would definitely recommend Taralan’s MultiFactor System recommendations to other growers."

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