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  Welcome to CropRx - Fertility Recommendations To Grow With 

At CropRx our mission is to provide crop producers with the tools and guidance they need to improve crop yields, crop quality, and profits. With increased fertilizer costs, the key to profitability is more efficient fertilizer placement. Variations in soils, weather, hybrids and practices all influence yields. We believe that fertilizer requirements should be calculated scientifically, based on what each field needs to produce higher yields and better quality.

The CropRx program is designed to assist you in developing a crop nutrient program for your specific farming operation. We do not sell any products so we don’t have a vested interest in recommending specific products. You use your existing products from your existing dealer.

This system has proven itself for over 30 years. Our clients have seen consistently higher yields, higher test weights, better crop quality, and increased profits. Go to our Testimonials Page to see what they have to say about our system.

We have a common sense approach to fertility that is backed by science. Take 5 minutes to call us and find out how it works. You are under no obligation and if you have recent soil tests, we will do a free review of your current fertility practices.

At Taralan we have spent the last 30 years developing and refining what we believe is the best fertility recommendation system available. Please feel free to call me personally to find out how this system can benefit you.

Troy Danielson, President



Roger, Brad & Tim Stier
Belle Plaine, MN

Corn & Soybeans.

"Using Taralan’s Multifactor System for fertility recommendations has helped us manage our fertility ourselves. Our fertility is now more even across the farm and across each field.

Our yields are higher and more consistent across the farm.The MultiFactor System recommendations are easy to follow and easy to manage. We would definitely recommend Taralan’s MultiFactor System recommendations to other growers."

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